Isola Bar launches their first exclusive beer

Following the trend of microbrews, Isola Bar calls one of the most unique breweries from Sao Paulo to create a Strong Golden Ale which harmonizes perfectly with the dishes of the Tre Group restaurants.

Imagine a strong and voluminous beer, made out of wheat malt, barley and other cereals highly selected. For the grand finale, add a special yeast, as the Trappist Brewers monks tradition dictates, which gives intense aromas of clove and banana to give a mystical touch. This is the Birra Isola.

Produced in partnership with Cervejaria Urbana, the Birra Isola is Belgian school, presents a dark yellow colour and 7.5% alcohol. It is voluminous, soft and velvety, with a sweet end and an unique texture. Excellent as an aperitif, especially to accompany cocktails. Harmonizes well with spaghetti alle vongole and calamari fritti.